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(Source: eemiilyquotes)

good idea

good idea

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Day Four

1/2 cup Oats with skim milk 300cal

1/2 Atkins bar 85cal

1 chicken sausage with onion 250

exercise: Stationary bike intervals for 35 mins -300cals

day three

1090 calories total :(

had 4 slices of bread omg

and no exercise


Initial Stats:

Height: 164
Weight: 59.5 kg
Waist circumference: 73cm

Day 1

Chicken stirfry
1/2 capsicum
small tomato
10g cheddar

no exercise

Day 2

chicken 150
canned tuna 145
1tablespoon PB and coffee 250
5 rice cakes 100
avocado 270
beef stew stuff 250

exercise: 30 mins weights (upper body) & 30 mins interval training @stationary bike ~350kcal total

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Just a little something on the side to keep me motivated.